FOREMAN® Phenolic Lockers with Aluminum Profile


Solid Phenolic 3/8" Thick Doors and Shelves, Solid 1/8" Thick Phenolic for Back Panels and Partitions channeled into Aluminum Profile with Integrated Hinges. 

TRADITIONAL Phenolic Lockers with Concealed Hinges


Solid Phenolic 1/2" Thick Doors, Solid Phenolic 3/8" Thick Shelves, Side and Back Panels, Concealed Stainless Steel Hinges.

FOREMAN® ATHLETIC Phenolic Lockers


Solid Phenolic 3/8" or optional 1/2" Thick Panels, Aluminum Extruded Profile with Integrated Hinges, FOREMAN "Musketeer Boot"-Shape Side Panels.

FOREMAN® Outdoor Lockers and Cabinetry


Wide Selection of Sizes and Configurations of Lockers made out of Solid Fundermax Exterior Compact Laminate.  

FOREMAN® HYBRID Lockers with Aluminum Profile

Melamine Particle Board Core Frame,  Solid Phenolic Doors.

Particle Board Core Frame, Solid Phenolic Doors, Hinges integrated into Aluminum profile allowing 180 Degree Opening.

PLASTIC LAMINATE Lockers with Concealed Hinges

Melamine Particle Board Core Frame, Plastic Laminate Doors on Concealed Hinges.

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